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Round Table Sizing



Rectangular Banquet Table Sizing

60x120" on a  6 foot table
90x132" on a  6 foot table
60x120" on an  8 foot table
90x132" on an  8 foot table
90x156" on an  8 foot table

Cocktail Table Sizing

Cocktail Table with 108R.jpg
108" Round, hangs 2" off ground
Cocktail Table Spandex Black.png
Black Spandex Cover
Cocktail Table with 120R 02.jpg
120" Round, floor-length
Cocktail Table Spandex White.png
White Spandex Cover
Cocktail Table with 132R and Tie.jpg
132" Round, with sash
Cocktail Table Spandex Red.jpg
Red Spandex Cover
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