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How to Make your Bridesmaids Hate you Forever

It's one of the most classic wedding conflicts of all time: the bride is the queen of the show and everyone who loves her wishes her to have exactly what she wants for her special day.

However, a LOT of brides don't really KNOW what is best. How many times has she planned a wedding anyway? Is she a fabric and fit expert? Is she a color consultant? No? Then she will likely make her bridesmaids wear something that looks terrible, is an unflattering color, or a bad fit for their bodies. Sadly, a few brides will do this purposely because they want to look better than every other female at their wedding. But most of you lovely brides have the best intentions, but may be uninformed or inexperienced. Here are some common mistakes brides make when planning their bridesmaid's fashion part of the adventure.

Make them all wear the same fit of dress.

Women come in all sizes. If you want to save them a full day of discomfort and embarrassment, give them the option of choosing between several cuts of the same color dress. They can find one that most covers their trouble spots and highlights their best assets.

(and this pic reminds me - tell them to work out those tan lines if they are going strapless)

Wash Them Out With Color.

While yellow is a beautiful color for Spring weddings, don't overdo it. These ladies already look sensational - why would you give them yellow bouquets too? Use contrast to highlight their beauty instead of washing them out - all green and white flowers would be a perfect accent for these dresses. This rule applies to ALL colors.

Make them look like prom queens.

Last I checked, "formal" doesn't mean the same thing as "stuffy". Giant, shiny, gaudy dresses just make it more difficult to dance and move, take flattering photos, or re-use the dress again. Shiny fabrics show every bit of bulge and body curve, so unless your bridesmaids are all Kate Moss, stay away.

Bulk them up with ruffles and fluff.

No women wants to ADD bulk to her body. Flowers, ruffles, beads and fluffy embellishments make a women look bigger than she really is. Keep it simple and allow her face to be the star of the show.

Make her wear a color that doesn't flatter her skin tone or that is impossible to wear again.

Be a little more flexible with your color theme. Add some neutrals to your palette for greater options. this mossy green looks great on the fair-skinned maid, but for the darker skinned ladies, it washes them out. They could have worn a nice taupe or tan that would have complimented the moss green but would contrast their skin much more nicely.

While the green is a nice color to be able to wear again, this length and cut makes it difficult to wear to other affairs. Bright pinks, reds, greens, and yellows are also difficult to re-wear. Remember, traditionally your maids pay for their own dresses; which can be a financial burden for some. Giving them a dress they can wear again will help justify the cost. Black, blushes, neutrals, metallics, and soft purples are versatile colors for all types of occasions.

Make those poor ladies wear heels all day.

Many shoe retailers have several styles of shoes that they can dye the same color. Your bridesmaids' feet will sing your praises if they are allowed to choose a shoe that is most comfortable. If you are more concerned about your girls all matching than their comfort, you may need to reconsider what kind of friend you are.

Have an army of bridesmaids.Okay, so you have lots of friends, cousins, and family members that are special to you. They don't ALL have to be in your bridal party. Don't let people guilt you into allowing someone into your party, and don't let yourself feel guilty if you don't include everyone. You are lessening the special-ness for each member of your party with the more people you add. You can still honor special people by giving them a special gift, acknowledgement, and seating at your wedding.

Make them look ridiculous in your photos.

I just had to show you this STUPID photo. Let's make those ladies who stood by your side for years look like itty bitty munchkins compared to you!

I really hope to save you some arguments, resentment, and disappointments with this advice. Remember to always keep an open mind and that your relationships are more important than the vision you have in your head that may not be possible or reasonable.

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