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Why Rent?

Your nearby rental store is like an unending, well-organized closet filled with furnishings, tents, utensils and more that you didn’t have to buy.

Renting reduces the waste you may create by using disposable linens, tableware, and plastic cups.

Why buy or borrow dozens or hundreds of mismatched chairs and china when you can simply rent everything you need for the look you want?

Wedding ceremonies and receptions, graduation parties, family reunions — events come in different sizes and styles, and so does everything available at your rental store.

Let someone else handle the maintenance, upkeep and storage.

Renting lets you concentrate on the event and enjoyment rather than spending time buying or borrowing tables, serving items and more.

Chairs, tables, linens, glassware, flatware — get the exact amount you need to match the size of any event. Get exactly what you need and want rather than trying to “make do” with something else.

Delivery options and set-up assistance are often available, saving you time and helping to provide peace of mind.

Save time and hassle by taking supplies from the rental store straight to the party site rather than creating a storage area for purchased and borrowed items.

Unless you’ll use the items often for a long time, renting is always more cost effective.

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