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Prepare for your Venue Search

Here are some steps to begin your search prepared and pumped!

----START EARLY!---- Start researching at least 16 months in advance and book at least a year in advance.

  1. Have your guest list created and your number of guests (high estimate).

  2. Only look at places within your budget. Touring the 5 star hotel on the water will only make you upset that you can't afford it.

  3. Be flexible with your date. You will have so many more options if you are willing to shift it.

  4. Print out several copies of the Questions to Ask and fill one out for each venue you visit.

  5. Call potential venues and ask the important questions BEFORE you decide to schedule a tour. These initial questions can save you a lot of time and running around.

  6. Tour AT LEAST 3 venues. Never jump on the first one you look at. This isn't like trying on wedding dresses; every aspect of your wedding will be affected by this choice.

  7. List the Pros and Cons of each venue you are considering.

  8. Bring your fiance, your planner, and a person involved in the financial decisions (like mom). DO NOT bring you bridesmaids, sister, neighbor, mailman, gardener and pool boy with you. You don't need their opinion on this one.

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