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Dear Caterers..Meet Bridezilla!

With wedding season around the corner, food service professionals are preparing for a busy season of working with Brides with what sometimes may seem like unreasonable demands. When close friends of the Bride may be running for cover, the full force of her stress can land straight on the shoulders of the caterer and can lead to an unpleasant experience. Unreasonable, unwavering and unlike her usual delightful self, a Bridezilla planning her dream wedding can be a complete nightmare. Learn how to keep her happy by reviewing the following advice.

Know who you're dealing with. A girl in the throes of wedding planning can be highly irrational, impatient and self-absorbed. Understand that the person that you thought you knew may be temporarily absent, but have faith that she will return one day. After the event gets underway, you'll begin to see a return to normal and will be reminded of what a wonderful girl she is.

Suck it up. Accept that little you do or say is going to satisfy the Bridezilla. She lives in a world of impossible demands with equally as impossible expectations. All you can do is allow her to verbally abuse you and discount everything you say. While it can't hurt to go through the motions, don't expect to feel appreciated when making suggestions or offering to help.

Treat her like the princess she isn't. To keep the hostility at bay, shower her with attention and compliments. Do not let more than one hour pass before you remind her that this is her day. Tell her that wedding planning must be good for her because she's never looked so radiant.

Form a support network among the catering staff in order to share the responsibilities of the wedding party. Remind one another that this too shall pass. Exchange stories about the Bridezilla and other wedding survival techniques.

Refrain from talking about yourself. Know that your life is of no concern to the Bridezilla. Keep the conversations centered on her wedding. From flower choice to the beading on her gown, feign interest in every detail of her big day.

-Ashley O'Coor

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