10x20 Pop-Up Tent

10x20 Pop-Up Tent

  • Specs

    For safely securing your tent:
    -Soft surfaces: Includes Stakes & Rope Kit
    -Hard surfaces: Includes Sand Bag Kit:

    For additional accessories: Rented separately
    -Side Walls: 
    -Leg Drapes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PV1wN-69qZg

    For Setup & Install:

  • Description

    Covers 200 sq.ft. of space

    Canopies must be secured from wind using ropes/stakes or weights. Wind can cause unsecured canopies to blow over causing damage or injury. Ropes and stakes can be a tripping hazard - use caution. Canopy must be taken down if winds exceed 20 MPH - structural limitation. Follow instructions carefully. Customers responsible for any damage. Canopies are water resistant, not water proof. No BBQs or open flames under or within 25' of canopy.